Unanswered Love

Posted by in Ride It 2022

oh i found inside me
and talking told the honey
but its me while life
don’t kill the love still over me

just shocking him by your wine
you hoping the same thing to me
walking on your soul in my hand
i see you shaking with someone else

in one time don’t tell
you singing a song
but that time is my play
you don’t care out to me

oh my life is just same today
i would like walk with someone else
and you looking and pass at my face
but you crying in the sea

you talking to me with what you said
you talking with the lovely curve
are we have to show someone else
or we just to show our ego to said

in our fault you try hide from my brain
you sewing and then take a day
there’s something blocking on my way
so OK, you gonna turn your day

you said you go with someone else
you shocking me till destroy my life vest
i flying flap up with my hands
take it cries on my shoulder no shy

to the patient of the pain
our soul would be talking plainly
after looking for the summer i’m waiting
or someone is taken, you can cry

what i found, from time by time
don’t go, i’l take it
when you never get, say its time to go
i’ll go away

what i saw , it take my place
and i taking a role for someone sorry
what i loving it fill out my head
i just say you can cry on my shoulder

you walking on while i’m so flying
you walking on while see it flowing
and you knocking at the mock my face
you are home but you are far

i playing as though as my place
you coming to me with all surrender
i playing and rocking at my face
you can smile, you can cry

oh i say i got you in my hands
but you said why i just can show smile
well i say you can say you safe
with me i’ll be your shoulder to cry on

but i say you can say you love
but i don’t know what i have to do
i’m sorry i’m sorry
better alone please get lost from me